holistic wellness specialist certificationHolistic Wellness is a very specialized area of focus, in the health arena. Too many people think that holistic wellness is anti-modern healthcare. This is far from the truth. Our course is taught from the perspective that improving a person’s wellness includes looking into all facets that relate to body, mind, and spirit.  That means working in concert with traditional medicine and adding holistic approaches when appropriate. (Click Here To See How Our Courses Work)

If you’re a wellness coach, life coach, etc., you’ll be light years ahead of your competition, after completing this course.  Remember, potential clients will be interviewing YOU.  How does your resume / C.V. compare to your local competition… if everyone has met the minimum license & insurance requirements?  Ensure you’re better prepared than your competition!

Our course covers: 

1. Course Introduction
2. Exploring Holistic Approaches
3. Defining Holistic Principles
4. Assessing The Need To Relax
5. Living A Balanced Life
6. Boosting Personal Wellness
7. Adding Self-Care Into A Lifestyle
8. Using Vision Journals
9. Setting Up A Coaching Program

… and more!

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