Helping You Live Well (HYLW), was born out of necessity.  Brian Allen’s experiences in military, law enforcement, and high-level security incidents exposed him to the worst things humans do to each other.  Slowly but surely, PTSD crept in.  During his journey of symptom management, he became close to many others who were battling similar demons.  Unfortunately, a handful of Brian’s close friends took their own lives.

So many people struggling with PTSD and related emotional illnesses, refuse to seek professional help.  Brian’s book, The Injury Called PTSD is for them.  In addition, the free & low-cost (Under $20) courses from HYLW are for them.  These courses allow a person to study options… without having to leave his/her home.  Having to invest $10-$17 forces a person to take action & COMMIT to their own recovery.  Even though the investment is low, a person will still be more apt to actually use the information they learn… if they have a “bit of skin in the game.”

During the HYLW journey, many people expressed an interest in adding our knowledge to their coaching practices.  For those folks, we created a few certification courses. Now, HYLW is privileged to help those in need as well as those wanting to coach & help people.

While the majority of the people we help are military & law enforcement members suffering with PTSD, we also have been fortunate to help victims of sexual assault, and other forms of violence.

Our parent corporation, International Security Training LLC, trains warriors for the physical act of protecting people. Helping You Live Well – gets to help heal folks mentally & spiritually. As long as we can run this small division in a profitable manner… and help people feel better about life… we’ll have achieved our objective.